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marsha's poems

Posted by RosariesbyMarsha on April 18, 2013 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)
come back to I deeply gaze into your eyes of brown...and our souls meet they did many lifetimes before..I know are him,  my one and only..the core of my everything. Promises we keep..never to break for that would crush my very being...we part, but only for a time for ours is a perfect love, for without you, I do not exist. Time, space has no meaning, we have been one soul forever. come back to me..without your touch, your voice,your smile I will surly perish...I whisper to the wind, my message of love...hush, listen, for you will hear that I deeply..truly..and forever love you. Feel the sun on your face..that is my warmth..feel the rain gently drop, for that is my tears..feel the gentle breeze, for that is my kiss..feel the whole of the universe, for that is my love. My spirit will sleep until we meet again..for without you, it has no meaning..I search, I look,  you are everywhere and no where..there is panic within my heart until I close my eyes and see you...throughout all our lifetimes I never tire of hearing your love..I never tire of being in your arms for only there am I safe, am I loved, for there must be heaven. I will forever more..say..come back to me...for I will always love you...ALWAYS...♥

Christians Unite!

Posted by RosariesbyMarsha on February 26, 2010 at 12:56 PM Comments comments (1)

The subject that saddens me the most, is the Christianity has become like Baskin's 32 Flavors. Just in our little town of Branson, population 6000, we have 50 places of worship and 32 denominations of Christianity!  Some denominations have even created their own logos! Think of that, designer Christians! There are TV ministers that preach Christianity, that never display a sign of Christ! Not a statue, nor a crucifix, or cross. There is one TV Evangelist, that freely admits he is Jewish, and that preaching affords him a private plane and lifestyle only royalty can afford.  Christianity has become big business. Just ask Jim Bakker, who is using it to sell real estate, and goods for his "partnerships." Buy your way to heaven!

What have we allowed?

Divided as we are, it is no surprise that tiny groups of non-believers can force the signs of our faith to be removed from public places. In a country that is overwhemingly Christian, we are pushed around like sheep!

Jesus may have said to turn the other cheek, but he also had a temper. When he attacked the money changers, don't think this was not a real slug fest. These moneychangers didn't sit there with their piles of money, without bodyguards! Jesus kicked all their butts, when they obviously crossed the line. He became the Lion! 

I pray that Christians unite. I pray that we realize that our belief in Christ is stronger than our personal preferences for worship. If you believe in Jesus, then demand a new morality, overcome evil, and help re-establish a Christian world community. Go with God!